Top 10, "I want" products... April 2015

Continuing our regular feature on  our blatant nod to consumerism...  a list of ten items that caught our eye this month and want to try out.  Some are new products.  Some are old.  All are awesome.

To be clear...  most of these we haven't actually tried, but would like to.  We have no affiliation with these companies...  no monetary kick-backs.  (But if somebody does want to send us something to review, we'd be more than happy to oblige and provide a completely biased review!)  We're also more than open to reader-submitted product suggestions. It would actually be a relief not to go hunting for this stuff.  So, if you have something you'd like us to see...  just shoot us an email at

That out of the way, in no particular order:

1.  Cat Ears
Cat Ears.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
They only look like side-burns.  A product that I never knew that I needed until now.  You attach these little guys to the helmet strap in front of your ears, thus reducing wind-noise.  I shouldn't admit it, but i'd love to try these with my ear-buds while listening to podcasts on the bike trail.

2.  Nutcase Metroride Helmet
Nutcase metroride helmet.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
I've been watching for the release of this product for a while now and it looks like my wait is over.  My old helmet looks similar, but doesn't have the visor, large ventilation, or awesome styling.  Good job, Nutcase!

3.  Therawheel
Therawheel.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
Yes, it looks like an old ab-roller infomercial product...  but this little device is a "muscle recovery roller".  You roll and press it on your body where you're ailing.   I'm on the lookout for a shin-splint miracle cure.  Perhaps this is it.  Their web-site also has an impressive archive of articles and videos on bouncing back from common exercise pains and injuries. 

 4.  Trampoline Bike
Trampoline Bike.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
I'm not really a customer for this product that is now being offered on Kickstarter...  but I am looking forward to the series of inevitable YouTube mishap videos that are sure to be right around the corner.

5.  Brooks Cascadia 10

These are trail running shoes, not biking shoes.  I've worn Brooks shoes for years...  and now their corporate headquarters has moved less than a mile from our own corporate headquarters.  I love these handsome kicks.  Nice job, neighbor!

6.  Chrome Folsom Pants
Chrome Folsom Pants.  Runaway Bike, Home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
Has Chrome actually created the holy grail of bike pants?  Waterproof pants that don't look like waterproof pants?  These look great...  but WAIT!  OUT OF STOCK!?  C'mon, Chrome....  why must I forever be tormented?

7.  Showers Pass Elite Pro Jacket
Showers Pass Elite Pro Jacket.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
Notice a theme?  We get wet in Seattle.  This jacket looks great.  Waterproof and breathable without looking like a goofy spandex bike shirt covered with NASCAR patches.  

8.  Velo ORANGE Elkhide Bike Grips
Velo Orange bike grips.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
Just look at these beauties!  Hand Cut Elkhide bike grips that you sew on yourself.  They come with waxed thread and sailmakers needles.  Sign me up!  I also really love the inverse brake levers in the photo too (maybe they make the list next month).

9.  Handlebar Minibar
Handlebar Minibar.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
From their Kickstarter description:  "Discreetly store drink, banknotes or even a ready-rolled cigarette in your bicycle's handlebars."  
We say:  "Finally!"  
Sadly, this project looks to be a couple years old with no way to make a purchase.

10.  FOAM Bike Wash
It's tradition now, okay?  We have to throw our own latest/greatest product on this list.  Almost every bike wash product claims that it has "fizz" or "foam"...  but we must have a different definition of the words.  Give us a try.
Runaway Bike FOAM Bike Wash
We're also available on

Can't wait for the next installment?  Go back and look at our suggestions from last month:

And to repeat...  we're more than open to include user-submitted products.  Have something you'd like us to see?  Shoot us an email,

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