Top 10, "I want" products... May 2015

Still going strong with our third installment of our blatant nod to consumerism...  a list of ten items that caught our eye this month and want to try out.  Some are new products.  Some are old.  All are awesome.

Our standard disclaimer:  we haven't actually tried these products.  We have no affiliation with these companies...  (But if somebody does want to send us something to review, we'd be more than happy to oblige and provide a completely biased review!)  We're also more than open to reader-submitted product suggestions. It would actually be a relief not to go hunting for this stuff.  So, if you have something you'd like us to see...  just shoot us an email at

That out of the way, in no particular order:

1.  GoBQ
GoBQ.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
A charcoal grill designed to fold down to fit inside a backpack or a drawer.  Great idea.  The Indiegogo campaign is going strong (now with backing from Kingsford Charcoal).  Biking with a grill is a dream now come true.

2.  VSSL waterproof cyclinder

VSSL.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
A compact waterproof cylinder made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum.  Not sure what I need to put in one of these, but I want one.

3.  Rain Train Traveling Sprinkler
Rain Train Traveling Sprinkler.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
These have been around forever, right?  I feel like I must've seen one before.  Made of cast iron. Looks like a tractor.  Drives around your lawn, following the pattern you lay out your hose.  Ideal for watering large areas and tormenting your pets.

 4.  Denny Bike

Hey, it's an actual bike on our bike company best-of list!  You've heard of this one before, right?  Handlebar lock.  Auto-shifting.  Cool fenders.  Electric assist.  Brake lights.  Turn Signals.  Too much to hope for?  Possibly, but we're intrigued. This is the Made-in-Seattle bike that won design awards about a year ago.  Looks like they're now partnering with Fuji Bikes to actually produce them.  Can't wait to see one on the street.

5.  Belty

How did we miss this one?  A "smart belt".  A belt with an electric-powered motor that automatically loosens itself when you sit and stand!  A belt that tracks your waist-size and will vibrate messages to you (with a companion belt smart-phone app)!  Finally. 

6.  Digitsole
Digitsole.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
How did we not see this coming?  Rechargeable shoe insoles that both heat your feet *and* track your steps.  Shoes and Belts connected by bluetooth.  We truly live in a wonderful age.

7.  Taco Cannon
Taco Cannon.  Voodoo Taco.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash.
Just this morning, Voodoo Taco of Omaha tweeted this (awesome) photo along with the even better message:  "Someone will take a taco to the face."  That's right.  Coming soon to the University of Nebraska Sports Arena, a Taco Cannon.

8.  Pencil Stylus
Pencil Stylus.  53.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash

Following a Taco Cannon is tough, we'll admit it.  But look at this beauty.  This stylish stylus (they should use that description) is just about everything I want in a gadget.  Awesome design with great functionality.  

9.  Shoe Stretcher.  Call for Submissions!

Veering off the path here this month.  We're actually looking for somebody to make a recommendation to us.  We need a *solid* shoe-stretcher to last a lifetime.  We've read Amazon reviews non-stop, but are more perplexed than when we started.  Just when we think we've found *the one*, several reviewers will comment on how it falls apart if used too aggressively.  This shouldn't be so difficult.  Show us the light!  Please.

10.  FOAM Bike Wash
Continuing our tradition...we throw our own latest/greatest product on this list.  Almost every bike wash product claims that it has "fizz" or "foam"...  but we must have a different definition of the words.  Give us a try.
Runaway Bike FOAM Bike Wash
We're also available on

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See you in June for the next installment!  And to repeat...  we're more than open to include user-submitted products.  Have something you'd like us to see?  Shoot us an email,

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