Top 10, "I want" products... June 2015

Still going strong with our fourth installment of our blatant nod to consumerism...  a list of ten items that caught our eye this month and want to try out.  Most aren't even bike related...  there should be something for everybody.  Some are new products.  Some are old.  All are awesome.  Father's day is coming up fast...  so maybe these will give you some ideas.

Our standard disclaimer:  we haven't actually tried (most of) these products.  We have no affiliation with these companies...  (But if somebody does want to send us something to review, we'd be more than happy to oblige and provide a completely biased review!)  We're also more than open to reader-submitted product suggestions. It would actually be a relief not to go hunting for this stuff.  So, if you have something you'd like us to see...  just shoot us an email at

That out of the way, in no particular order:

1.  True Wetsuits by Quiksilver

Remember those classic James Bond scenes where he removes his diving wet-suit to reveal a tuxedo underneath?  Well, Quiksilver has gone one one step better...  and made the actual tuxedos and suits themselves into wet-suits.  That's right, suits made out of neoprene.  How classy can you get, Mr. Bond?

2.  Photorito Lens Wrap

A protective lens wrap that looks like a tortilla.  You know...  for under-cover surveillance at the local taco truck.  I can imagine lots of uses for this faux tortilla.  (and don't forget father's day!)

3.  Cooling Pants

I don't think that I could write description better than what's already on their web-site...  so here's the completely plagiarized text for this *awesome* product:
"Great for people working in hot places or outside in the summer, the
Kuchofuku Cooling Pants Z-500K is a fan-fitted air-conditioned pair of pants or trousers. Made from special conductive polymers fibers, the materials protect against static shocks. This is coupled with an effective fan unit integrated into each leg to keep your body temperature down."

If these pants are any indication, I have a strong suspicion that "" will feature prominently on our "top ten list" in the future.

 4.  Golfboard

Ever feel that your golf game isn't providing the fun and excitement that it should?  Ever think that golf just needs to add a little more pizazz?  If wearing plaid shorts doesn't quite provide that extra spark, perhaps you should consider the Golfboard...  A product that combines the cerebral nuanced sport of Golf with fast paced world of Surfing.  

In addition to all the obvious benefits that this product provides, you're sure to get all the best nicknames at your country club, Big Kahuna. 

5.  Flex Design Muscle Suit

A product that sells itself.  Really, do you need a list of reasons to own a full-body muscle suit?  Since you don't, I'd like to point out that Flex Design Costumes has a "clearance" section on their web-site for "used" suits.  Let you imagination run wild!

6.  Jim Bachor Pothole Mosaic

This guy doesn't need any additional accolades from us, but we still love what he's making.  Artist Jim Bachor takes his beautiful glass mosaics and repairs Chicago pot-holes.  Someday I'll have one of these hanging on my wall.  In the meantime, I'll continue to follow him on instagram.


7.  Mystery Show Podcast

I'm taking a left-turn with this "product" recommendation...  but you'll be glad I did.  I spend many hours with ear-buds listening to podcasts while I'm on the bike trail (Safety, blah blah...  I know, I know.)...  This show is the best thing that's come along in quite a while.  I'm reluctant to describe it too much as it won't adequately convey the feeling of the show.  It's free, so just give it a try.  You can come back and thank me later.

8.  Orbit Key Organizer

They say that this is "a better and more stylish way to carry your keys".  From the looks of it, I'd agree.  If there was a way that I could get my car-door "key fob" inside of one of these, I would've bought one yesterday.  


9.  Shoe Stretcher.  Call for Submissions!

This is a repeat from last month since we're still looking!  We're looking for somebody to make a recommendation to us for a product.  We need a *solid* shoe-stretcher to last a lifetime.  We've read Amazon reviews non-stop, but are more perplexed than when we started.  Just when we think we've found *the one*, several reviewers will comment on how it falls apart if used too aggressively.  This shouldn't be so difficult.  Show us the light!  Please.

10.  FOAM Bike Wash
Continuing our tradition...we throw our own latest/greatest product on this list.  Almost every bike wash product claims that it has "fizz" or "foam"...  but we must have a different definition of the words.  Give us a try.  We're moving up the list of best-selling bike wash products on Amazon...  leap-frogging the entrenched corporate fat-cats of the bike cleaning world.  We couldn't be more proud.  You should give us a try too.
Runaway Bike FOAM Bike Wash
We're also available on

See you in July for the next installment!  Can't wait?  Go back and look at our suggestions from previous months:

And to repeat...  we're more than open to include user-submitted products.  Have something you'd like us to see?  Shoot us an email,

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