Top 10, "I want" products, July 2015

Fresh out of the kitchen and still going strong with our latest installment of American commercialism.  This is our list of ten items that caught our eye this month and want to try out.  Most aren't even bike related...  there should be something for everybody.  Some are new products.  Some are old.  All are awesome.  

Our standard disclaimer:  we haven't actually tried (most of) these products.  We have no affiliation with these companies...  (But if you are the maker of one of these products, let us know!  We'd love to hear from you.)  
We're also more than open to reader-submitted product suggestions. It would actually be a relief not to go hunting for this stuff.  So, if you have something you'd like us to see...  just shoot us an email at

That out of the way, in no particular order:

1.  Trunk Monkey, inflatable bike carrier
Trunk Monkey Inflatable bike carrier.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
Hey, a bike-related product!  (We don't always have bike-related products on this bike-related web-site.)
Even better, they have a monkey-related name which always gets our attention.  These guys have a Kickstarter campaign going right this minute to get their inflatable bike carrier product going.  I've used several trunk-mounted bike racks in the past with varying degrees success.  The portability is a great idea.  Lets you have the option to bike somewhere and get a lift home from friends who don't just happen to have a bike rack.  Plus (did I already mention?) they have a great monkey-related product name.

2.  Floating Record, Gramovox
Floating Record.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
Just look at that.  Do I really need to describe the image that you're seeing above?  It's a high-performance *vertical* turntable with built-in stereo speakers and a base made of solid Maple or Walnut.  This actually has me thinking about digging out the old crates of records from the basement.  The product name isn't quite as catchy as "trunk monkey", but I suppose "floating record" describes the product better.

3.  Orbit Outdoor Misting System
Orbit Outdoor Misting System.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
I just returned from a long-weekend in the Cascade Mountains floating on an inner-tube down the Wenatchee River.  Jealous?  It was exactly as great as you're thinking --  but hang on.  It was 110+ degrees in the shade (You do the Celsius temp conversion yourself).  When we pulled into town, you couldn't help but notice the local restaurants had something pretty awesome...  OUTDOOR MISTING.  I'm now looking into setting up a system like this on the back patio of Runaway Bike Corporate headquarters. And cheaper than paying an intern to stand around with a spray bottle misting and fanning us.

 4.  memobottle
memobottle.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
A *flat* bottle that you can slide into a backpack/computer-bag.  Great idea.  Looks awesome.  

5.  Real Pigeon Skeleton
Real Pigeon Skeleton.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
You know, for your living room cabinet of curiosities.  Pigeons not your thing?  You're in luck.  "" has other real animal skeletons ready to jump-start all of your boring dinner-party conversations.  Maybe you'd prefer a fish, frog, lizard, snake, rat, bat...

6.  SlapSee Sunglasses
SlapSee Sunglasses.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
Remember slap-bracelets?  No?  Well, you must not have had a kid in grade-school over the past 10-15 years or so.  
In any case, "SlapSee" has come along to take the same silicone-coated bands and make them into something even more useful:  Sunglasses that you can fold up and/or slap around your wrist, ankle, handle-bars, etc.  They have a hinged nose-bridge so that it will fold even more compactly.  They even have a catchy little tag-line:  "Clip so they grip, slap so they wrap!"  really, now...  that line alone got them into our list this month.


7.  Spraytect.  iPhone Pepper Spray Case
Spraytect, iPhone Pepper Spray.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
Just imagine the candid family photos when you hit the wrong button on your phone.  
No, nevermind... I'm sure they've thought all about that.

8.  Ripples, Latte-Art Maker
Ripples Coffee Art.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
Forget fancy swirls and coffee-foam that just looks like fancy leaves or flowers.  It's all been leading to this.  Upload your own photo to have it "printed" on the foam of your morning coffee.  Remember the cold-war when we were worried about communism taking over the world?  Worried that capitalism might not be the answer?  Well, after seeing "Ripples", it's clear that the Russians never had a chance.  

9.  Shoe Stretcher.  Call for Submissions!

This is a repeat from previous months since we're still looking!  We're looking for somebody to make a recommendation to us for a product.  We need a *solid* shoe-stretcher to last a lifetime.  We've read Amazon reviews non-stop, but are more perplexed than when we started.  Just when we think we've found *the one*, several reviewers will comment on how it falls apart if used too aggressively.  This shouldn't be so difficult.  Show us the light!  Please.

10.  FOAM Bike Wash
Continuing our tradition...we throw our own product on this list.  Almost every bike wash product claims that it has "fizz" or "foam"...  but we must have a different definition of the words.  Give us a try.  We're moving up the list of best-selling bike wash products on Amazon...  leap-frogging the entrenched corporate fat-cats of the bike cleaning world.  We couldn't be more proud.  You should give us a try too.
Runaway Bike FOAM Bike Wash
We're also available on

See you in August for the next installment!  Can't wait?  Go back and look at our suggestions from previous months:

And to repeat...  we're more than open to include user-submitted products.  Have something you'd like us to see?  Shoot us an email,

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