Top 10, "I want" products, September 2015

Why wasn't there a top-ten list in August?  I'm pretty sure there was one.  Maybe you should spend a few minutes poking around on our web-site looking for it.  

Or maybe we just forgot last month...  and with September already halfway over we better get busy.  So...  like always, here is our list of ten items that caught our eye in the last (ahem) couple of months and want to try out.  Most aren't even bike related...  there should be something for everybody.  Some are new products.  Some are old.  All are awesome.  

Our standard disclaimer:  we haven't actually tried (most of) these products.  We have no affiliation with these companies...  (But if you are the maker of one of these products, let us know!  We'd love to hear from you.)  
We're also more than open to reader-submitted product suggestions. It would actually be a relief not to go hunting for this stuff.  So, if you have something you'd like us to see...  just shoot us an email at

That out of the way, in no particular order:

1.  BedJet.  Dual-Zone climate control... for your bed!

Remember that old McDonald's ad campaign in the 80s for the McDLT?  You know the one...  "keep the hot-side hot and the cool-side cool"?  Well, the fine folks at BedJet have reverse-engineered McDonald's proprietary technology and now can keep two sides of your BED at different temperatures.

2.  Hydro Hammock

Okay, I know it seems to be a theme...  first a temperature-controlled bed and now there's this...  a Hammock that acts as a portable HOT TUB!  Fantastic.  Please be advised that this product is unrelated to our own Runaway Bike HOT TUB product.

3.  Lawn Dart sling-shot!

Yes, lawn darts are illegal in the United States...  but if you happen to be in Germany while reading this top-ten list, you're in luck!  You'll need a little DIY motivation, but we know that you smart (handsome) readers have the know-how to get it done.  Seriously.  Get to it.

 4.  Ikea NORDMÄRKE, wireless charging pad

Gotta love those Swedes!  A wireless charging pad for three separate devices at one time.  And it fits right in with your kitchen decor with bowls full of bread.

5.  Samsung Safety Truck

We're getting off track with this one.  We don't expect you to rush out and pick up one of these for your home semi-truck...  but we are hoping that this technology comes quickly.  No need to see *around* a truck when you can see *through* it.

6.  Atari 2600 Controller Candle

Cozy up for the romantic night of your life...  playing Space Invaders.


7.  Quicklock Bluetooth/NFC Padlock

The padlock that opens with a wave of your cell-phone/nfc/etc.  Their web-site comes complete with the expected video of cars rolling over it to show how tough it is.  Sign me up.

8.  Ripples, Latte-Art Maker
Ripples Coffee Art.  Runaway Bike, home of the HOT TUB and FOAM Bike Wash
This company was nice enough to us last month, putting our logo in coffee-foam that we're talking about them again (our first-time repeat, please forgive us!)  

Forget fancy swirls and coffee-foam that just looks like fancy leaves or flowers.  It's all been leading to this.  Upload your own photo to have it "printed" on the foam of your morning coffee.  Remember the cold-war when we were worried about communism taking over the world?  Worried that capitalism might not be the answer?  Well, after seeing "Ripples", it's clear that the Russians never had a chance.  

9.  Shoe Stretcher.  Call for Submissions!

Okay, I know I just said that we haven't had a repeat before. I suppose that this is also a repeat from previous months since we're still looking!  We're looking for somebody to make a recommendation to us for a product.  We need a *solid* shoe-stretcher to last a lifetime.  We've read Amazon reviews non-stop, but are more perplexed than when we started.  Just when we think we've found *the one*, several reviewers will comment on how it falls apart if used too aggressively.  This shouldn't be so difficult.  Show us the light!  Please.

10.  Runaway Bike HOT TUB
Continuing our tradition...we throw our own product on this list.  For the past two years running, Velo Magazine has done head-to-head ratings of all the top chain lubricants on the market. Melted paraffin wax treatments beat them all. Our Runaway Bike HOT TUB is the easiest way to experience this same melted paraffin wax lubrication treatment. You no longer have to melt wax in a slow-cooker or risk ruining a nice pot. Simply put your chain in the HOT TUB and heat the entire container in a water bath on your stove. With our combination of paraffin and other lubricants, your chain will be the cleanest and quietest it can be. People have attempted to get the same lubrication as paraffin with messy wet squeeze-bottle lubricants, but none come close to the real thing.

We're also available on

See you in October for the next installment!  Can't wait?  Go back and look at our suggestions from previous months:

And to repeat...  we're more than open to include user-submitted products.  Have something you'd like us to see?  Shoot us an email,

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