HOT TUB Chain Lubricant, 1LB bulk refill

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  • A refill for your existing hot tub or for use in a slow cooker dedicated to chain lubrication
  • No need to mix your own paraffin with ptfe powder and molybdenum disulfide. We've done it for you!
  • Same great wax/lubricant mixture... NEW high-tech fast-looking silver-colored pouch!
  • Resealable zip-close pouch lets you use only as much as you need at one time
  • Will refill hot tub approximately 4 times

For years and years, Velo Magazine has done head-to-head ratings of all the top chain lubricants on the market. Melted paraffin wax treatments beat them all.  Our HOT TUB is the easiest way to give your bike chain a full melted-paraffin wax lubrication treatment. You no longer have to melt wax in a slow-cooker or risk ruining a nice pot.  Our lubricant adds both ptfe and molybdenum disulfide powders to pure granulated paraffin wax...  so no need to buy and mix your own.

Instead, simply put your chain in the HOT TUB and heat the entire container in a water bath on your stove. With our combination of paraffin and other lubricants, your chain will be the cleanest and quietest it can be. People have attempted to get the same lubrication as paraffin with messy wet squeeze-bottle lubricants, but none come close to the real thing. 

Don't just take our word for it. Do yourself a favor and open your eyes to the wonders of a paraffin chain treatment. Oily sprays and greasy drops don't live up the standards of a full Paraffin treatment.  The HOT TUB is the most convenient way to experience it yourself.  Normal road and trail dirt does not stick to a chain treated with the HOT TUB. Your chain is left clean to the touch (that's right, no more chain-grease tattoos!)  The durability and dirt resistance of the HOT TUB treatment also makes this a long-lasting solution.

We know that it is more work to remove, clean, and lubricate your chain... but if you want to do it right (and you are comfortable tinkering), there's no better way to keep your bike happy. 

  1. Remove chain from your bike.  Clean it.  Dry it.  Put it into your HOT TUB.

  2. Place your HOT TUB with chain into a pot containing enough water to reach about halfway up the sides of the tub.  On stove-top, boil 15-20 minutes until all lubricants have completely melted. 
    **** When boiling, keep your eye on the HOT TUB during the entire boiling process... don't let all of the water in your pot completely boil away while the lubricants are melting.  This would result in the tub itself melting into the pot.     

  3. Remove the hot chain using pliers and allow to cool.  There should just be a thin "glaze" of paraffin on your chain.  (Don't make a chain wax cocoon!)  Re-install on your ride!  NOTE:  You should expect a 1-2 mile 'break-in' period where the chain action may be stiff after a fresh HOT TUB treatment.

Always heat product with water-bath as instructed, never in oven or microwave. When boiling, keep your eye on the HOT TUB during the entire boiling process... don't let all of the water in your pot completely boil away while the lubricants are melting.  This will result in the tub itself melting into the pot.  Wear protective clothing, gloves, and eye-ware.  Keep away from children.


  • How many applications do you expect to get out of one HOT TUB?
    We have used individual Hot Tubs several times with no apparent loss in lubrication. We would anticipate that you could easily treat your chain 4 times with each HOT TUB. (probably more, but we wouldn't want to over-promise).
  • How long will the HOT TUB lubrication last?

    We have 3rd party testing for a pure paraffin treatment which states "real world testing upwards of 650 miles."  In wet conditions, we can't say definitively, but would expect effectiveness between 200 and 325 miles.  We are higher maintenance types and apply 2 times per month when averaging 90 commuter miles a week.  We recommend that you do a professional-grade hot paraffin lube once in the spring and once again in the fall, then supplement throughout the summer with a wax "squeeze bottle" type lube. Your bike will thank you.

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