ptfe particle size

Okay, we hear you!
We've had a surge in interest in our product over the last few months... and during this time, many (many many) people seem to be chasing a particle size of less than 1.6 microns in size. We had a recent customer claim that our product was between 2 and 3 microns in size. We are comfortable with that nice round estimate, but you should know that it's not quite so straightforward. A large percentage of our particles are actually less than 1.5 microns in size. The mean particle size is probably somewhere in-between.
The main takeaway we would like to put out to the world is to be to be skeptical of consumer suppliers that claim to provide a product consistently less than 1.6 microns in size.  As you may suspect, there have been a lot of new ptfe sellers popping up on eBay and Amazon recently who simply drop-ship their product from China. The quality of those suppliers might be just fine, but you really don't know what you're getting until it shows up. Your odds are good, but as the saying goes... the goods may also be odd. 
Fortunately, you may never even know the difference.  If you are simply suspending ptfe in paraffin to treat a bike chain, let's face it... bike gears aren't like small gears with ultra-high tolerances.  For most consumer applications, the *purity* of the ptfe will be far more important than the particle size.  We have had great success with our product suspended in melted paraffin for lubricating bike chains for many years. Other users also use it for grand piano maintenance and dozens of other places where a non staining powder would be a better choice than an oil based product. (so, save some before dumping it all into your pot of wax!)
Okay, glad we got that off our chests.

Have a great day.


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Melted Paraffin Bike Chain Lubricants. Really, why now?

We've heard from several people that they used to wax their bike chains in a coffee-can in their garage back in the 80's while watching Breaking Away on VHS.

Why the recent resurgence in melted paraffin-treated bike chains?  And how is the Runaway Bike HOT TUB different than other products that are new to the scene?

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Stop hurting your bike. 3 Suggestions.

This isn't particularly fun stuff, we know.  But you've got some money invested in your bikes.  Keeping that in mind, show your bike some love with just a couple easy tips.


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Folding Bike Riders love us too!

We didn't set out to focus our company on the avid folding bike community with our products…  but we now find ourselves responding to many emails each week from users giving us big thumbs-up on helping solve a problem that we honestly didn't know existed before. 
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Recumbent Riders like the HOT TUB!

Just a quick shout-out to the handsome recumbent riders over at bentrideronline.com.  They know a good thing when they see it.  And right now, they like our HOT TUB!

Perhaps you're having trouble deciding if a melted hot paraffin treatment is right for you.  Maybe reading their review will nudge you in the right direction.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.  We love to hear from you.  Seriously.  We're a new company and want to make sure we are on target with what people are looking for when maintaining their bikes.


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Remove and Install Your Bike Chain

Using the Runaway Bike HOT TUB is the absolute best lubricant that you can buy for your bike chain.  You will need to remove your chain to perform the treatment, however.  

Never done that before?  Fear not.

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Melted Paraffin Chain Lube... Really?

Want to read even more about the benefits of a paraffin chain lube?  

And more importantly, want to read some articles about our paraffin HOT TUB?

Well, you're in luck...  here's some fun reading for you:

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Some hard data about Paraffin Chain Lube

We've been asked by several people for data showing the benefits of paraffin treatment vs other traditional lubricants. We've also been asked if we were familiar with the "Friction Facts" web-site and their lube-guru Jason Smith. Well, yes we are! In fact, we are in contact with Jason and he has been extremely supportive. He has also provided us with a page on his web-site for everybody who wants to see some hard data showing how well a paraffin-treated chain works. To be clear, this data isn't specifically for chains done with the HOT TUB... but unless you have access to the advanced equipment that Jason has at his disposal, we think that the HOT TUB is the right solution.

Go dive into the data at Jason's web-sites here: 

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