Some hard data about Paraffin Chain Lube

We've been asked by several people for data showing the benefits of paraffin treatment vs other traditional lubricants. We've also been asked if we were familiar with the "Friction Facts" web-site and their lube-guru Jason Smith. Well, yes we are! In fact, we are in contact with Jason and he has been extremely supportive. He has also provided us with a page on his web-site for everybody who wants to see some hard data showing how well a paraffin-treated chain works. To be clear, this data isn't specifically for chains done with the HOT TUB... but unless you have access to the advanced equipment that Jason has at his disposal, we think that the HOT TUB is the right solution.

Go dive into the data at Jason's web-sites here: 

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  • Runaway Bike says...

    Hey, Ken.
    We were pleased to contribute to your project. Hopefully you’ll get it off the ground. Please update us with us with any and all future progress. We really want to see this work too!


    September 24, 2014

  • Ken Jones says...

    Dear runaway bike industries.. My name is Ken Jones.. I am the creator and pilot of the rocket bicycle of the rocket bicycle .on kickstarter..I like to send out my sincerest thanks for your company backing my project !!!!..I’ve had a very hard time launching this project… People do not take it seriously because.. I believe my sense of humor… But to me I am very serious about this project while trying to have fun at the same time.. This all started to help out a family who is in need… The family wanted to remain anonymous so we tried this as a fun thing hoping that all extra funding could go towards them… I sincerely appreciate.. The backing of my project… I do not know how I’m going to get this thing off the ground… And May need to extending the time limit on this thing in order to reach the goal set which is far above what I have put on kickstarter…I’m still in the middle of testing my project and realized I will need more rocket engines…as well as a fire suit helmet bicycle and other safety gear…. I’m currently in the process of talking to the owner of a drag track to test the rocket bicycle and eventually probably run it this time there are still a lot of ins and outs that I just do not know… However I wanted take the time to thank you for you and your company believing in my project… sincerely Ken Jones….

    August 26, 2014

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