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Runaway Bike PTFE POWDER

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Our superior powdered lubricant.  Clean, white, non-staining. micro-powdered PTFE.
(Generic Teflon**, Polytetrafluoroethylene, )

  • PTFE Powdered Lubricant (Teflon**)
  • 100% PTFE Powder. No other additives
  • Comes included with free applicator brush
  • Superior friction-fighting agent
  • Doesn't "cake up" like graphite
Commonly used as an addition to melted paraffin wax to create a clean chain lube.  Alternatively, you can "dust" PTFE POWDER over any lubricated bike chain.  Adding PTFE to any lubricant will increase that lubricant's lubricity.

Not just for bikes.  Use PTFE POWDER on any area needing lubrication where a non-staining high performance lubricating powder is your best choice:
  • Bike Chains 
  • Musical Instruments (Including Grand Piano Knuckles) 
  • Electric Razors 
  • Zippers 
  • Drawer hinges and drawer slides 
  • Garden Tools 
  • Small gear sets, toys, model trains and race cars 

Unlimited Uses. Anything with moving parts.

Wondering about our ptfe particle size?  Read more here.

**PTFE is is the parent chemical of "Teflon" which is a registered trademark of Dupont Chemicals.

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