Melted Paraffin Bike Chain Lubricants. Really, why now?

We've heard from several people that they used to wax their bike chains in a coffee-can in their garage back in the 80's while watching Breaking Away on VHS. 

Why the recent resurgence in melted paraffin-treated bike chains?  And how is the Runaway Bike HOT TUB different than other products that are new to the scene?

Glad you asked, grandpa!  It can be traced back to the March 2013 issue of Velo Magazine that found that a paraffin wax treatment beat out *all* other bike lubes they tested in a head-to-head comparison.  Okay, reading articles on bike chain lube may or may not be your thing, so to quickly summarize...  the results of their testing surprised a lot of people who thought they'd like to give it a try.  The Runaway Bike HOT TUB was born, with an easier method to test out this new (old) method of lubrication.

Yes, there are other paraffin wax products (no, we haven't tried them or know what is in them, but we're sure they're probably effective too).  And yes, you could just go buy a brick of paraffin wax, add some additional lubricants of your choosing, and toss it all into your crock-pot...  but If you'd prefer a little more convenience with less mess, our HOT TUB may be for you.  

We are here for those cyclists who have some comfort level with easy maintenance (or would like to start with an easy project), and may not have the space or desire to take over their garages with a dedicated bike shop.  

Okay, there you go.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We love to hear from you.  Seriously.  We're a new company and want to make sure we are on target with what people are looking for when maintaining their bikes.

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  • david reibman says...

    Does the hot tub wax refill contain ptfe or should I add it to the mixture?

    July 25, 2020

  • RunawayBike says...

    Hey, John!

    Here are some “real world” comments from our users, specific to Mountain Bike use:

    “I have used it twice on my mtn bike & then ridden hard in dusty conditions. No real metrics here but my sense is the chain has stayed cleaner, shed dirt & grit better, and stayed lubed longer. No test yet in the wet. Your mileage may vary.”

    “I have not used this hot melt paraffin on my mountain bike, but 20 years ago paraffin was the only thing I would use for chains and rode every day in filthy conditions. I felt the paraffin was the best treatment hands-down for mountain biking, road biking, and commuting. It sheds mud better than any other treatment, repels dust, and doesn’t get greasy. Since this product behaves the same on my road bike as what I used to use, I think it would be very suitable.”

    Hopefully this answers your question. If not, give us a shout!


    December 09, 2014

  • John-Nelson says...

    Just one question. I am wondering if your… hot tub covers also mountain bikes chains.
    Thank you in advance,

    John N. Smyrnaios

    November 08, 2014

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