Stop hurting your bike. 3 Suggestions.

This isn't particularly fun stuff, we know.  But you've got some money invested in your bikes.  Keeping that in mind, show your bike some love with just a couple easy tips.

1.  Wash your bike
Build-up of dirt and grit in the drivetrain is the obvious one that flashes to mind when you think about a bike wash.  But how about cleaning the build-up from drips and leaks from sport and engergy drinks that you may have in your bottle cage?  Sugar, salt, "electrolytes"...  who knows what's in that stuff.  Get the sticky off your frame and bottom bracket.  Our suggestion (of course) is Runaway Bike FOAM.  Nothing easier than that, but if you don't have any handy?  Go get your bucket of soapy water.  It's not hard.  You don't need to clean it every time you ride...  but try to make it a goal for a once/month cleaning.

2.  Protect your top-tube
We're not going to try to sell you a product with tip 2.  We're members of the $7 kickstand-club, but we're betting that most of you aren't these days.  That being the case, we're also betting that your bike's top-tube has leaned against a building or tree once or twice.  If a bike rack isn't available, try to lean your bike against the handlebars, saddle or rear wheel instead of the top-tube.  Even just laying it on the ground (chain-side up) is better idea than scratching/denting the tubes.

3.  Lube, but don't over-lube
We know that you want to keep that drive-train humming, so have stocked-up on grease and drips.  That's great, but do it right.  Start with a nice degreased chain.  After that, your mantra should be "Just one drop per link... and wipe it off!"  Really.  You want the lube in the bushings of the links, not on the surface of the chain...  so wipe it off!  Or even better, use our HOT TUB.  Our wax treatment just doesn't attract grit like drip-lubes.
Runaway Bike HOT TUB

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