Folding Bike Riders love us too!

We didn't set out to focus our company on the avid folding bike community with our products…  but we now find ourselves responding to many emails each week from users giving us big thumbs-up on helping solve a problem that we honestly didn't know existed before.  You’re a folding bike rider, so you know what each of the people in these photos knows. 

You love your folding bikes.  You put it under your office desk, stash it in your small apartment, carry it on the bus…  but you have also seen something like this:

Folding bike riders get more up-close and familiar with their chains that the average rider.  

We’ll avoid moving into sales-mode now.  You’re well-read, intelligent, and wise to a sales-pitch from miles away.  Perhaps you just aren’t aware of the paraffin-wax solution to a messy bike chain.  If that’s the case, you can easily type “bike chain paraffin” into Google as easily as we can…  but here are a few nice links that focus on the cleanliness of a wax bike chain solution.

Convinced?  Want to give it a try yourself?  If you’re not up for the do-it-yourself method with wax and a crock-pot, maybe then you’d consider looking at our products.  Think of us as your gateway to bike chain wax. 

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Read the reviews and decide if this is something for you.

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